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"Trust is priceless. It's all about building relationships"

Photo: Jo Moore Photographer
Quotation: Ted Rubin

Building Great Relationships

Building great relationships is at the heart of what we do. If you're thinking of working with us, it's really important that you get to know a bit about us. Do our values match yours? Are we a good 'fit'? Great events come from great teamwork - and great teamwork comes from great relationships built upon shared values and goals.

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Photo: Md. Zahid Hasan Joy, Unsplash.

Photo: Jo Moore Photographer


"Emma knew what she wanted but had no idea of how to achieve it. You got it all sorted. As her mum, I was feeling overwhelmed - 'Oh God, what do we do now?' - you took the 'overwhelm' away. I found that, in Wellington, lots of places had stuff, but they didn't have your finesse and personal connection to give me confidence that it would all come together. You offered us ideas and guidance in a lovely way about things we hadn't even thought about... and would have found out about too late. When we had problems with the venue, you were able to handle a stressed out bride - you thought quickly on your feet and came up with creative solutions. You made what was bad, right. The way you handled Emma and Kumia was perfect, they have only the best, kindest words for you. You come across as more than just a business, you will make true friends for life".


Photo: Billie Brook Photography