Our Services: It's All About Collaboration

"The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create on their own".

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Making It Easy For You

It can be a bit intimidating to contact a planner or stylist and ask about what they do, how much they cost and what their service packages involve - I know it was for me when I got married. So I've provided plenty of information about our services (and their costs) to help you get a good feel for us and what we offer before you get in touch.

Collaboration And Choice

At Little Lace Flower Company, we have created a Collaborative Design Process and a unique "pick'n'mix" set of Styling and DIY Support Services. This lets you choose what level of help you want and when you want it. You stay in control of the decision-making and budget.

Sometimes You Don't Need A Full Styling Service

Many Wedding and Event Stylists offer a one-size-fits-all styling service at a one-size-fits-all cost. As every event is unique, this can be limiting. 

For example, depending on where your event is being held, the venue may provide in-house styling for your reception, leaving you free to spend your time and money styling other areas - such as your ceremony space (if you are getting married). Or perhaps you have friends and family to help create a ceremony setting and you just need help creating an amazing reception space.

This is another way a "pick'n'mix" approach can help you and save you money.

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"How would I describe you? Attention to details and creativity. Your intricate and amazing embroidery and needlework has given you an eye for this. You can develop creative concepts to suit any theme or idea a bride or groom could come up with. You are also able to go with a small idea and grow it, nurture it, to an amazing realisation. I'm thinking of your work with your students".


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