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Serving the Wellington, Kāpiti and Wairarapa Regions, New Zealand.

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"Just a beautiful gathering of all things us"

The Little Lace Flower Company provides Styling, Floral Design and Bespoke Crafting Services for Weddings and Events in the Wellington and Wairarapa Regions, NZ.

Celebrating life's milestones, special moments, relationships and wins is important. It's what gives our  life meaning and happiness. 

We're all about working with you to design meaningful, personal celebrations that honour your special times.

Our collaborative design process and unique styling services help you create your own beautiful gathering full of meaning, joy, and thoughtful details.

Photo: Jo Moore Photographer
Photo: Jo Moore Photographer

Making It Meaningful 

Meaningful celebrations have, at their heart, your wonderful, unique, quirky personalities: your experiences, values, interests, needs and desires. They are bursting with personal touches and meaningful moments that tell your story, add depth and richness and touch the hearts of your guests. 

A celebration that is meaningful to you will feel authentic and 'right'... even if it doesn't follow tradition and expectations.

From the moment you wake up, to when you wave goodbye to your last guest, there are many wonderful opportunities to create meaningful moments. But this takes effort and challenges you to move beyond the cliché and superficial. This can be overwhelming. 

At Little Lace Flower Company, we will help you identify and create these moments. We provide you with the support and resources you need to focus on what is important to you and guide you through the decision-making process.

Feeling The Joy

Celebrating special times gives our lives meaning and happiness - in other words, JOY. 

At Little Lace Flower Company, we want to help you create the kind of joyous moments that will make you and your guests smile, laugh and even cry ( a good way). We will help you explore ideas and themes that really speak to your heart. We also love to add a touch of whimsy and surprise to all our designs. These are the things that will give everyone the warm fuzzies when they recall your big day.

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Photo: Jo Moore Photographer

Thoughtful Details - Creating An Amazing Guest Experience

At Little Lace Flower Company, we are all about the details. We take the time to really get to know you so that, together, we can create the kind of details that genuinely "tell your story". 

The inclusion of thoughtful details also plays a HUGE role in giving your guests an amazing experience.  Little things like including a personal letter of thanks at each place setting can make your guests feel valued and loved. Interactive touches such as wishing trees and community candle lighting makes your guests feel included. These things add that 'feel good' factor. 

But getting all the details right is a LOT of work! All too easily you can get bogged down and stuck. Through our collaborative design process, we can help you clarify your vision, identify priorities, and make great decisions about the details that are right for you.

Our Bespoke Crafting and DIY Support services can then help you create those unique, personal details that will make your celebration stand out and be remembered forever.

Giving You As Much - Or As Little - Help As You Need

It can be scary hiring a professional to help you plan and style your event. Will your ideas get lost? Will they take over? Will the budget spiral out of control?

As passionate advocates of collaborative design, we guarantee that your vision and ideas will always be our focus. In addition, we have created a unique set of "pick'n'mix" styling services so that you can get exactly the help you need when you need it. 

For our independent hands-on, clients, we also offer DIY support and workshops.

We offer a free initial consultation and Mood Board with absolutely no obligations so you can see if we're the right fit for you. Let us shout you a cuppa (or a cheeky wine!) - we'd love to chat.

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Are you looking to have a celebration that is personal and meaningful?

Want to create something that feels authentic and 'right' to you? 

Do you want your celebration to have meaning and depth... but with a good dose of fun and whimsy

Excited to create an amazing experience for your loved ones? 

Do you have a vision for your special day, but need help bringing it to life? 

Want to tell your story in a unique and personal way?

Want to avoid the overwhelm and stress that comes with planning an event?

Would you like help that lets you stay in control of your vision AND your budget?

Think that DIY adds that personal touch, but daunted by the work involved? 

Do you believe that it's the details that will set your event apart from all others?



I GET you and I'd love to work with you!

Hi. I'm Lyndal, founder of the Little Lace Flower Company.

My team and I can help you...

  brainstorm and explore ideas

organise and edit your ideas into a vision

create a clear and cohesive plan for realising your vision

design, source and install your vision, bringing it to life


"A relaxed and comfortable friendship. That's what you would get by hiring Lyndal. She will quickly take what's normally a stressful, yet exciting time, and make you feel at ease and relaxed. Her attention to detail is truly amazing. Where most people would give up and say it can't be done, Lyn will spend hours coming up with a solution. Lyndal is extremely hard working and gives everything 100%. But her biggest strength is her caring, she cares about people and giving them exactly what they want. Yes, this is a business but because of Lyndal's personality you will not feel like a number or just another client, you will feel looked after and in safe hands."