Meet The Team

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Hi there, I'm Lyndal

The Little Lace Flower Company is a small family-based business started by me, Lyndal McKenzie. I love celebrations. I love weddings. A favourite quotation of mine is:

"If we don't take the time and energy to celebrate the moments, relationships and wins in our lives, it will feel less meaningful and special. In turn, we feel less joy and fulfilment. Bring more meaning into your world by celebrating and honouring those special moments and people".

Stephanie Zamora

I got married to Chris

The idea for the Little Lace Flower Company was sparked in 2016 when I married Chris. We wanted a very unique, deeply personal wedding that included a lot of the beautiful symbolism from Taoist Philosophy. As such, we couldn't find many off-the-shelf products and services that suited us.

"Not to worry", I thought, "I'm a hands-on, creative type, I'll do the work myself". I'm a designer, textile artist and teacher. I have a Ph.D. in Collaborative Design. I have years of experience planning and producing performing arts shows, parties and charity events. I've also made countless props, costumes and backdrops for dance, theatre and film. So, I told myslef, "How difficult could it be to plan and style a wedding?"

And so, I did - Everything. Planned and organised the vendors. Designed and printed all the stationery. Wrote the ceremony service. Stitched all the drapes, linens and dresses. Made all the decorations. Styled & set up the venue.

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It was a wonderful day, but...

I LOVED all the work, but it was exhausting, and at times, overwhelming. I was juggling a fulltime job as a teacher, running extracurricular activities, supporting my kids and learning to be a step-mum.

In the end, my wedding was gorgeous but I missed out on a lot of the fun and joy that the planning process should have been. AND, the day after my wedding I had to pack-down the venue - not exactly a romantic start to wedded life!!

This is what inspired me to start the Little Lace Flower Company. I want to provide fellow quirky, creative, hands-on types with the support they need to design and plan their own joyous, meaningful celebration.

Meet Isabel

It's a family affair at Little Lace Flower Company. You've seen hubby's photo, he's my go-to for all things IT and climbing up tall, wobbly ladders. Now, I'd like to introduce my daughter Isabel. When she's not studying Classics and Law at Uni, she's into crafting and design. She created our business logo. I pass all my design work by her for editing. Isabel is even more pedantic over details than me and ensures all our set-ups are perfect.

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Meet Jeremy

And this is my son Jeremy. He studied Classics and English Literature at Uni. He has the fun of editing all my written work. He also instructs me on the strange and wonderful world of social media. On set-up day, he does the moving, unpacking, sorting and instruction reading.

And Cody

And this is the most important member of the team - Cody the super model and cuddle master!

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