Our Values

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Building great relationships is at the heart of what we do. Great relationships make for great teamwork and great teamwork makes for great results!

Building great relationships takes trust and understanding and this is achieved through shared values. Have a look at the values that we strive to uphold...


We strive to be open and fair about how we work, what we charge and where we source products. We aim to source ethically and sustainably produced products. For any consumable products we use, we invoice you at cost-price.

Where possible, we credit the work of others that feature on our website and social media.

Photo: Jo Moore Photographer
Photo: Jo Moore Photographer

Support Charities

We volunteer our time and resources to support and promote local charities. For example, we chose to locate our 'Feathers and Fur' styled shoot at the Wellington SPCA to highlight their work, promote their rooms as a wedding venue and provide lots of lovely images for their marketing.

We're always happy to get involved with local fundraisers. Need help? Please get in touch.

Support Local

We always seek to source our items locally, and support local businesses by recommending them where prudent. We're committed to local networking so that we get to know as many wedding and event vendors in the area as possible. That way, we can make local recommendations that we believe in.

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We hate waste! We recycle, upcycle and buy quality multi-use items wherever possible. We will strive to recommend eco-friendly options where possible.

For our florals, we offer the choice of fresh flowers or a very budget and eco-friendly faux flower rental service. We forage fresh foliage as much as we can (which also helps to keep costs down), use living plants and try to avoid single-use foam. Where this isn't possible, we use a compostable product.

As a complimentary service, we distribute leftover florals to a local charity of your choice. We also arrange for suitable paper and greenery waste to be composted.


It is your day. You should always feel in charge of the decision-making and in control of your budget. Our design process is collaborative to ensure this. We're good at this - Lyndal has a Ph.D. in collaborative design!

We also work collaboratively because we believe that together, we can create something greater than either of us could achieve alone.

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Inclusion Matters

It is really important to us that, at Little Lace Flower Company, EVERYONE feels accepted and welcome. As a larger, older bride planning a Taoist-inspired wedding, I know how uncomfortable and excluded a person can feel if you don't fit the 'normal' mould. I've also witnessed members of my own family suffer at the hands of people who did not accept and value them for who they are.

We hope that our pick'n'mix services will also make professional wedding design accessible to people of all budgets.

Finally, we put a huge amount of research into all our designs. This includes ensuring that our designs are respectful of your identity, background, culture and preferences.


Our pledge to you is that we will care about you, your loved ones and your event as if you were family. We will do all we possibly can to help you realise your dreams and visions.

We only accept a small number of weddings and events every year so that we can block out the whole week before your event and guarantee that in the lead-up to your big day, you are our sole focus.

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"It's all about how you connect with the emotional energy and vision of your clients. You guide conversations to explore options, bringing elements of magical creativity to reflect the individuality of clients.

I got the feeling that you wanted the wedding to be the very best it could be for us".


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Please get in contact. I'd love to chat.