"Flowers signify new beginnings and hope. They have been part of celebrating important moments in life since ancient times"

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Florals Make Celebrations Special

Adding flowers and foliage to your event helps to distinguish it as special. At Little Lace Flower Company, we offer a floral design and making service. This ensures that your florals will perfectly match the designs we create.

It also means we can ensure that we are providing florals as sustainably as possible. After a great deal of research into sustainable best-practice, we offer three floral design service options:

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1. Faux Flower Hire

In terms of production, fresh and faux flowers have a similar eco-footprint. However, when it comes to disposal, fresh, of course, wins out. But if faux flowers are reused they become a much more sustainable option.

So we have decided to offer a totally bespoke hire option. Your flowers will be selected and arranged specifically for your event, then we will collect them, dismantle them and store them ready for the next event.

This is a really cost-effective way to create stunning floral arrangements and installations AND you get the flowers you love no matter what time of year.

2. Foam-Free Fresh Flowers

For our eco-friendly fresh flower option, where possible we use wire netting and coconut coir instead of plastic-based foam products. This can be used repeatedly. And where single-use foam has to be used, we use a compostable product.

We also grow potted plants to be used in our designs and the majority of our greenery is foraged from our own garden.

Finally, as part of our "we hate waste" policy, we are happy to bundle up your flowers and send them to a Hospice or other charity of your choice. We can also arrange for greenery to be composted.

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Photo: Jo Moore Photographer

3. Cake Florals

I LOVE wired floral work. As a crafter of many years, the intricacy and delicacy of wired floral work really suits me.

I am happy to create wired cake garlands and sprays in either faux or fresh flowers. As the flowers will get icing on them, this isn't a hire option. However, a bonus with keeping your faux flower cake florals is that they make pretty wall decorations. We would be happy to talk to you about converting your flowers after your big day.

We can also incorporate other objects into your florals. Take a peek at our Halloween images to see how we combined flowers with skulls and bones!


"For anybody considering a wedding, I can not say enough about Lyndal. An absolute angel to the max. Lyndal does everything - probably too much for her own good. I will never forget how much she helped me. Legend xx."