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Designing Joy: How You Can Plan And Design The Perfect Celebration That Absolutely Bursts With Joy

The urge to celebrate important life events is inextricably tied to JOY. It's in our human nature to want to share our joyous feelings with others and have then celebrate with us. And the cool thing? The more we share our joy, the more joy that we get back. So, to create a truly authentic, meaningful and life-affirming celebration, we need to put JOY at the centre of our planning and design.

In this blog I refer to the ground-breaking work of designer Ingrid Fetell Lee and descibe 11 different 'joy aesthetics' so that you can identify what design features you could include in your celebration to ensure it will be bursting at the seams with joy.


Help! I'm Wearing A Coloured Wedding Dress. What Should My Bridesmaids Wear?

I LOVE the trend towards wearing non-traditional white for your wedding. But it can create a headache when it comes to selecting bridesmaids dresses. How can you 'stand out from the crowd'?

In this blog, I put on my designer hat, dust off the old colour wheel and give some advice which I hope will help you navigate the murky waters of colour theory.


11 Heart-Felt Family Unity Rituals To Give Your Wedding Ceremony Meaning

When I got remarried, it was important to my hubby and I that our ceremony included some kind of symbolic ritual that represented our families coming together as one. The older children also wanted an opportunity to do something during our ceremony to show that they supported our wedding. 

In this Blog I share with you the results of the research I did to find the perfect ritual for us and our family. You will no doubt have heard of the Ring Warming Ritual which is probably the most common way of involving family and guests (our rings are passed among your loved ones who fill them with their love and good wishes), but there are so many more to choose from:


Finding Your Style: Nine Top Tips For Achieving Your Perfect Wedding Hair Style

As a Stylist here at the Little Lace Flower Company, I’m all about helping you find and achieve your perfect wedding style. Whilst I love to help couples with things like decor, florals and creating an amazing guest experience, your wedding style includes so much more: hair, makeup, attire, accessories, vows, entertainment, and so on. I can give you general advice in these areas, but I’m no expert.

To bring you this expert advice, I’ll be interviewing a whole range of New Zealand wedding pros and writing blogs from these interviews over the next few months - the “Finding Your Style” blog series. 

This, the first of these blogs, looks at how to find your perfect wedding hair style. This is based on an interview with the gorgeous and talented Antoinette Kavanagh (, a freelance hair specialist for weddings and events. Antoinette is based in Wellington. 


Nine Ways to Make Your Wedding Meaningful and Special

The wonderful thing about weddings today is that virtually anything goes. And the worst thing about weddings today is that.... virtually anything goes!

Weddings are increasingly becoming major productions. The pressure to do something novel, to entertain and WOW guests is huge. And the result? Sadly, more and more married couples are expressing regret that they lost sight of what was truly important to them.

In this Blog, I'll share with you some insights about how to make your wedding meaningful and special. Hopefully you'll find them a useful starting-point for planning your big day. 


Thinking of Hiring a Wedding Stylist? Seven Questions Every Kiwi Couple Needs to Ask

Getting help from a Wedding Stylist could be the perfect solution for taking away a huge amount of the stress and overwhelm couples struggle with leading up to their big day. But how do you find a good one? And how will you know if they are the right 'fit' for you?  Here are seven essential questions to ask to help you with your decision-making...


Fresh or Faux? 11 Reasons to Choose Faux Flowers For Your Wedding

Fresh or Faux? Wondering what flower option is right for your wedding? 

In this blog, we'll explore some of the reasons why faux flowers make a great choice. But first, let's look at why you might be reluctant to use faux...


A Taoist-Inspired Wedding Ceremony

I'm very excited to be writing my first blog post for Little Lace Flower Company! I thought I'd start with what was efffectively the start of my wedding styling journey - my own wedding.

As hubby and I both practice Tai Chi, we wanted a very unique, deeply personal wedding that included a lot of the beautiful symbolism from Taoist Philosophy.



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