A Lush Whimsical Wedding

Ashleigh and Jeremy created a whimsical design brief
for their wedding ceremony; a wedding inspired by the lush greenery and romantic lighting of a woodland setting worthy of Arwen and Aragorn.

It was also to feature butterflies in remembrance of four loved family members who had passed in the time leading up to their wedding.

For the welcome and reception, Ashleigh and Jeremy wanted a relaxed, rustic fun-filled atmosphere that hinted at a happy Hobbit celebration. Guests were also able to wander around the zoo whilst Ashleigh and Jeremy enjoyed a 'Meerkat Encounter' - a bonus of having your wedding at a zoo!

Collaboratively, we created a design for the award-winning Kamalas at Wellington Zoo.

Photography: Ryan McCauley Photography

With additional photos where indicated.

Catering: Nosh

Photos: Left - Sue Kinnear, Top Right- Ryan McCauley, Bottom right - Chris McKenzie

Photo: Chris McKenzie

Long Shot: Isabel Sheat


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